Dr. Steven Hausman is a trained scientist and professional speaker who can unleash the potential for innovation in your organization when he gives you a glimpse of the future, conveys the excitement of new technologies, and explains what they might mean for your business.

Advances in technology will affect the business world in ways that we cannot imagine. For example, the use of robots will alter employment levels and how jobs will be learned and structured, 3D printing technology will cause shifts in manufacturing capabilities, regenerative medicine will heal and rebuild our bodies and alter medical care practices, and artificial intelligence will manage many of our businesses. Self-driving cars may do away with the need for car services and taxicabs and may drastically decrease insurance company revenues. Indeed, entire countries and economies will be transformed such that we will be forced to alter rapidly our business strategies. The key to adapting to, and profiting from, these coming changes is to understand them.

Steve has a talent for describing complex concepts in science and technology (and their social and ethical implications) in an entertaining and easy-going manner using humor, personal experiences, and clear and understandable language while drawing from his large repertoire of videos, images, and news articles.

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The Technology of Hope

Steven Hausman

Technology sometimes has the reputation of being complicated and arcane and, while it may provide us with conveniences like smartphones and computers, does little to enhance our underlying quality of life. That is far from the truth. Using graphics, videos and easily understandable language I profile examples of all the good that technology can accomplish in our society including, for example, the use of nanotechnology to treat cancer, 3D printing to create low cost artificial limbs for children so that a little boy born without an arm can enjoy life again, how a ballroom dancer who lost a leg in the Boston Marathon bombing can dance once again using a bionic limb and how (using my own finger as an example) regenerative medicine can be used to restore a partially amputated finger tip.

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