A Silicon Valley native, Alex spent the last three years building and encouraging the field of social entrepreneurship in Sweden through his position with Reach for Change, where he had the pleasure of running an incubator for leading Swedish social entrepreneurs, helping them scale their organizations and their impact. He co-founded and now advises the crowdfunding site, which has supported the launch of over 600 social ventures and has raised over $6 Million for social change projects. He's spoken to groups about social entrepreneurship at Universities, Businesses and even the White House and has written on social innovation for Fast Company, The Guardian and others. Prior to StartSomeGood, he hosted a podcast for Ashoka and conducted research on the intersection of new media and politics. He graduated with a B.A. in Geography and Political Science from UCLA and a Master of Public Policy from Georgetown University.

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The Power of Social Entrepreneurship

Alex Budak

The concept of social entrepreneurship is rising in popularity around the world. In this talk Alex will explain what it is, why it matters and how we all can learn from the world’s leading social entrepreneurs.

Applicable to startups, big companies and non-profits alike, Alex will tailor the talk to share the lessons he has learned in a decade of being and working alongside social entrepreneurs. How do social entrepreneurs overcome challenges? How do social entrepreneurs lead in a complex, networked world? And how can we make social impact sustainable for all?

With a wealth of international experience, Alex can tailor this talk with specific examples most applicable to your organization and needs.

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