Hilary Folger is a Partner at Lippincott, a leading brand consultancy. She recently managed the incredibly successful rebranding of Southwest airlines, supporting a YoY stock price increase of 125% and a #1 brand ranking among travel-related companies. In her role, Hilary is called upon to collaborate with CEOs and CMOs to define business and brand strategies for growth. She has worked with top tier clients for 13 years across 14 different industries. Her largest corporate rebrand was for a company with a market cap of 300B. Her work is constantly changing, from helping Samsung create a signature scent and sound, to creating new names and designs for the United Mileage Plus credit cards, to rethinking the circus of the future for Ringling Bros. Barnum & Bailey. Hilary is a regular speaker at events for entrepreneurs, including GrowCo, Project Entrepreneur, The INC Startup Accelerator, and CNBC's ICONIC tour. She is deeply passionate about supporting female entrepreneurship and works as an advisor to several female founded companies. Hilary's work with Southwest, Dell, Vale and Walmart has resulted in a variety of awards, including the 2016 Rebrand 100 Distinction award, the Transform Best Brand Evolution Award, American Graphic Design Award, Utopia U360 Best Communications Piece Award, Rebrand 100 Global Design Merit Award, and the AIGA Brand Identity Systems Design Award.  

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The Happiness Halo

Hilary Folger

This talk combines recent findings in behavioral economics, breakthroughs in brain science, a touch of armchair philosophy and a healthy dose of pop psychology, to teach you how to make your customers happy. Fascinatingly, it’s not about perfecting the moments of customer interaction. Instead, it’s about helping your customers look forward to the experience with your brand and then remember it fondly. Decisions about whether or not we want to engage with a brand again are made only from memories – and this talk explores how to make those memories, not just the experience itself, better.

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