Merit Gest infuses more than two decades of human dynamics, sales, and leadership experience into power-packed interactive and humorous keynotes & training sessions. She is the creator of The Merit Method, which helps people and companies become praiseworthy. The Merit Method promises to maximize sales opportunities, invigorate leaders, rejuvenate teams, empower communication, and help everyone flourish during change.

How these promises are kept is simple...
- Employees discover the three things they can do to be the MVP of the company
- Employers discover the four things they can do to create the environment where people can succeed beyond expectations.

Merit also developed The Merit-based Onboarding Methodology which companies use to ramp up new hires faster, help them become productive sooner, and retain them longer. In partnership with The Revenue Accelerator, Merit is able to design and automate custom onboarding programs for clients hiring twenty or more people each year. Smaller companies also benefit from Merit's "Onboarding DIY" program which is an on-line course designed as a step-by-step guide to building a best-in-class onboarding experience for new hires.

Merit can help if you want...
- your managers to set up new hires for greater success or re-engage the existing team
- your A & B players to give a little "extra credit" effort
- your sales team to stop making excuses and start making deals
- to become a magnet for top talent
- your team to laugh while they learn

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The Five Top Attributes of the Emotionally Intelligent Sales Professional

Merit Gest

Most companies spend tens and even hundreds of thousands of dollars every year to support their salespeople and increase business. Many of those same companies never see a return on their investment so they eventually cut sales coaching and training funds or only offer support to those who appear to need it most.

That’s a huge mistake.

Since Merit has been in sales, sales management, and training since 1993 and is certified in Emotional Intelligence, she has worked with companies to not only get a quicker return on their sales training investment, but also increase employee engagement ratings and reduce unwanted turnover. They now know something about what makes a sales MVP that you may not.

When Merit reveals the top five attributes of the emotionally intelligent sales professional you will:

– Protect the investment you’ve made in sales coaching and training
– Understand once and for all why your poor performers may never make it
– Have specific criteria to use in your hiring process to identify potential sales MVPs faster and accurately
– Build a world class sales force
– Increase employee engagement
– Decrease unwanted turnover because successful sales MVPs who feel valued and appreciated stay put

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