Sameer Somal is the Chief Financial Officer at Blue Ocean Global Technology and Blue Ocean Global Wealth. Prior to co-founding Blue Ocean Global Wealth, he was a Senior Investment Analyst at The Bank of Nova Scotia and a Financial Advisor and Intermediary at Morgan Stanley and Merrill Lynch & Co. As part of the Investment Strategy Group at The Bank of Nova Scotia, Sameer actively contributed to the firm’s white paper and institutional business development efforts. He delivered keynote presentations and fostered education partnerships nationally. His fiduciary responsibility at Ernst & Young and Advisor Compliance Associates include helping asset management and alternative investment companies adapt to Sarbanes-Oxley. Sameer is a CFA Charterholder, a CFP® professional, and a Chartered Alternative Investment AnalystSM. Sameer serves on the Financial Planning Association (FPA) National Diversity Committee and the Board of Directors of the Philadelphia/Tri-State FPA. A senior financial services leader on industry roundtable and panel discussions, Sameer serves on CFP Board’s Council on Education and is a Women’s Initiative (WIN) Advocate. He is an active member at CFA Institute, serves on the Advisory Executive Council of the Women Economic Forum (WEF), and is a Board Advisor at the iPlan Education Institute in New Delhi, India. A member of the Speakers’ Series at the Johns Hopkins University Carey School of Business, Sameer is a frequent speaker on the digital revolution, succession planning, technology, diversity, retirement, financial planning, entrepreneurship, and leadership. In May of 2017, he was named an Iconic Leader Creating a Better World for All by the All Ladies League & Women Economic Forum.

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The Fintech Revolution

Sameer Somal

The Digital FinTech Revolution is accelerating our access to knowledge, transforming how we communicate, and creating a wave of digital disruption that will reshape the financial services industry. As regulators and banks refocus on updating their policies and operating models, the next generation of FinTech platforms, including robo advisory, blockchain, digital payment, Bank in a box, security, and P2P lending, are already off to the races. Global investment in financial technology rapidly increased by 3,770% from $930 million in 2008 to $36 billion in 2016. The opportunity to innovate for quantitative finance professionals has never been more compelling than it is today.


  • Identifying trends and key growth sectors of FinTech.
  • Understanding three pillars of FinTech: IOT, Big Data & AI.
  • Addressing the challenges and benefits of Robo Advisors

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