The ability to change effectively is what many organizations are seeking today. Marla Gottschalk is an Industrial/Organizational Psychologist who focuses on the state of modern organizations and how they can work with their employees to reach their respective goals. Without the link between the employee and the organization most organizations will struggle to evolve effectively. With an emphasis toward this evolution, she helps leaders, managers and individual contributors re-cast their perspectives concerning their work and organization. As a charter member of the LinkedIn Influencer Program with over 700,000 followers she has explored a variety of topics that impact work and workplaces, including managing ourselves, teaming, culture and employee engagement. As a speaker, she explores the realities of organizational life that we tend to ignore and ultimately affect us. My her blog, The Office Blend, has been recognized as a "Top 100 Website for Your Career" by Forbes. Her posts covering work and workplaces, have appeared at Forbes, US News & World Report. SAP's Digitalist Magazine, The Huffington Post and the World Economic Forum.
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The Engaged Employer

Marla Gottschalk

Whatever your take on employee engagement – our habit of defining it as a one-way construct should be revised.

Organizations also exhibit “engaged behaviors”, critical in helping employees make a vital connection to their work. Engagement starts with the processes and vehicles that affect employee experiences within organizations today. This notion is rarely considered.

We can’t affect the engagement crisis by mulling over numbers – employers need to be right in the midst of the fight.

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