In 1993, Hanna Quay set out on a mission. After graduating from college, he left his small town of Strasburg, PA to see America. He hopped on a Greyhound and spent the next 9 weeks visiting 37 states and logging 12,000 by bus. As he traveled he was forced to confront his own racist and prejudiced beliefs, making him realize that he had more to offer his fellow human beings than his selfishness and hatred. Quay continued to travel the world, eventually spending time in all 50 states, 27 countries, and 5 continents. Upon his return to Strasburg he had a new objective: to share his story of transformation and help others better understand themselves and the people around them. In 1997 Quay published a book about his life-changing experience entitled, Bus America: Revelation of a Redneck and began telling his story. He has now done more than 1,200 presentations around the United States and has spoken to a wide range of people: from orphan camps in Belarus to the University of Westminster in London, England. Additionally, he has worked with many schools struggling through racial tension to help put them on a path of reconciliation. His form of communication has proven successful at reaching all types of people in all types of places. Quay's work has been featured on CNN, NPR, Forbes.com, and in many other media outlets. He has also won a variety of humanitarian awards including the YWCA Child Abuse Prevention Award and the NCCJ Human Relations Award.

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Quay Hanna

Quay Hanna was an accomplished athlete long before he began traveling around the world. He was the MVP of his baseball and soccer teams in high school and a member of his HS Hall of Fame. He went on to play college soccer at Bloomsburg University where he was a 4-year letter winner and co-captain. He finished his career playing semi-professional soccer and eventually coaching boys’ and girls’ soccer. The life lessons he gained playing and coaching sports helped to foster the changes he would embrace later in his life.

Quay noticed that many young people were missing a great opportunity to use their sports to grow in their character qualities. In 2015, he began working with college teams with the hopes of helping these young people utilize their sport to become better citizens.

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