Staci Boyer is an accomplished high-energy, positively inspiring motivational speaker, award-winning author, dedicated personal trainer, transformational wellness coach, and Founder / CEO of the Motiv8n’ U brand and company. Staci’s experience spans from 12 years as a Navy Hospital corpsman to 27 years in the fitness industry as an educator, personal trainer, media representative for WGN, NBC, CBS, and FOX, a group exercise instructor, health club general manager and fitness trainer for the Miss Illinois America organization. Her award-winning book, Motiv8n’U, is the hub around which her business and life philosophies center – it’s the story of her life, her ability to overcome incredible adversity and to use that adversity to become a better person, achieve more and ultimately help others do the same. After the experience with Staci, people cannot help but leave feeling stronger, empowered and motivated to make change with the tools needed to become a game maker. She tells her clients, ‘When you are a game maker, you change your destiny. Your destiny becomes whatever you wish, dream and desire.” The mission is to make your way to the other side of your fear, you will become stronger there. When strength is harnessed, fulfillment is rooted!
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Supercharge your Destiny

Stacie Boyer

How to fight fear and not be a victim. A popular and well-received keynote address, Staci Boyer challenges the audience to identify what holds them back from achieving their dreams and being the person they desire. Oftentimes, it is fear, but the audience doesn’t know that. Through stories, both humorous and emotional, Staci leads the audience to recognize the fear, to grab it, harness it and throw it out.

Supercharge audiences will walk away with:
– Self-awareness, confidence, and clarity to their next steps
– Helpful tools to keep the fear at bay and let their desires overcome the fear that stops them in their tracks

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