David is the catalyst who gets you to fully live your dreams now. After time with him you feel equally scared and hopeful. Scared at the audacity of your dreams and hopeful because you have someone in your corner with the experience and desire to see your dreams become real. Spend one hour reading his book Wind In Your Sails, attend a one hour talk with him, or get one hour of 1-to-1 coaching and you will have 3 concrete action items that will shift and accelerate your business within 90 days. David and his wife Karalee are committed to each other and their three children, spending time supporting them in the many and varied activities they are involved with. They live in Vancouver, Canada.

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Slow Down to Speed Up

David Greer

Are you an entrepreneur dreading going to the office today? Are you completely overwhelmed? Does everyone in your company constantly come to you for answers?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you will get the answers you need in David Greer’s one hour presentation Slow Down to Speed Up: 4 Vital Actions to Operate By Design Not By Default. You will be challenged to make one choice that will take you from overwhelmed to in control.

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