Mags Bell is the Founder and Director of Creating Powerful Results, a coaching practice that serves Business Owners, C-Suite Executives, and Directors of private and public companies. She has been coaching for over 20 years—with over 60,000 hours under her belt—and is an International Speaker and Author of “What The Bleep Is Coaching?” Mags led a frantic and hugely successful life in the corporate world in the UK within pharmaceutical sales and leadership. It was her experience with her teams that opened her eyes to some deep truths about human behaviors and performance. Mags is an international speaker, renowned for her proprietary models that help organizations and individuals unlock their human potential. Her coaching, keynotes, and workshops have helped hundreds of business owners, senior executives, and managers and their teams to identify and address the fundamental problems that reside at the basis of poor productivity, motivation, and harmony in the workplace.

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Silencing Your Inner Critic – Rid yourself of the Nay-sayer using The 4Rs Release Model to increase your sales and productivity.

Mags Bell

Have you ever felt like there’s a nagging nay-sayer on your shoulder, whispering negative and critical things in your ear about your ability to achieve something?

If so, you’re not alone!

Through insightful activities, revealing anecdotes and research, Mags will share how to identify your inner critic, give you methods to manage it and demonstrate a technique that can transform your limiting thoughts, words, and deeds, forever.

This work was developed when Mags led sales teams to awards and consistent amazing results year after year, through understanding the real emotional, physical, and financial impacts this Inner Critic had on her teams and her business—especially the impact it has on the very high performers.

Silencing Your Inner Critic will equip you/your people with:

– The ability to recognize negative phrases that are holding you back from realizing your full potential, such as: “I can’t do that,” “What if I lose,” “I’m not good enough,” “That’s too difficult,” etc.
– At least one tool you can implement right now in your professional and personal life, that will eradicate you fear and limiting beliefs—for good—freeing up your mind to listen carefully to customers and colleagues.
– Mags will share her simple model—The 4Rs Release Model—to help you switch off your Inner Critic, which you can use not just now but for a lifetime.
– A productive way to learn from mistakes and deal with negative thoughts, without continuously beating yourself up.

Don’t assume your high achievers don’t have these—they are the most likely to beat themselves up as they push themselves to greater targets. It’s a very big and costly mistake most businesses and leaders make.

Stay True, Stay You!

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