Dr. Dewett is a two-time worldwide bestselling author at Lynda / LinkedIn, a TEDx speaker, and an Inc. Magazine Top 100 leadership speaker. His latest book is Show Your Ink: Stories about Leadership and Life. He is a former award-winning distinguished professor of management whose clients include: Exxon Mobil, Ernst & Young, GE Aviation, Booz Allen Hamilton, State Farm, JM Smucker, Medtronic, TGI Fridays, Standard Register, NCR, Emerson, RustOleum, and many more. His unique perspective on life has resulted in quotes in the New York Times, TIME, BusinessWeek, Forbes, US News & World Report, Fast Company, CNN, Investors Business Daily, and hundreds of other outlets. After beginning his career with Andersen Consulting and Ernst & Young, he has since spoken to and advised hundreds of thousands of professionals around the world.

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Show Your Ink: Unleashing the Power of Authentic Leadership

Todd Dewett

This energetic keynote address inspires while making professional success practical and accessible. Building on organizational science and years of practical experience, Dr. Dewett delivers insight about professional relationships through personal, funny, and emotionally moving stories. Show Your Ink is a phrase that reminds us to be open and authentic. Managing impressions professionally is understandable, but we overindulge to the point that people share an incomplete version of themselves – say hello to mediocre relationships and lackluster productivity. Join Dr. Dewett to learn how to unleash a more interesting and authentic version of yourself. Get ready to laugh, cry, think – and change.

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