Chauncey Beaty is a TEDx speaker, award-winning poet, certified life coach, and master facilitator. She is known as 'The Heart Worker,' for her ability quickly laser into the heart space of her audience members with her down-to-earth witty yet smart and poignant insights. Chauncey easily creates a safe interactive learning environment where 'hard topics' shift into 'heart topics'. 

As a speaker, Chauncey is a meeting planner's dream. This former president of an APCA & NACA award-winning college programming board knows exactly the importance of programs that are high quality and entertaining. She is easy to work with from beginning to end. 

Chauncey has trained thousands of student leaders and is perfect for any program, especially during Welcome Week, Orientation, Black History Month, Women's History Month, Mental Health Awareness Month, events for Student Life, Multi-Cultural Life Greek Life, and to facilitate student organization retreats.            

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Serving from the Inside Out

Chauncey Beaty

What if you had a campus filled with leader-full self-expressed students? Each creating solutions in their highest talents and interests? A campus brimming with innovation and transformation? A culture where every student contributes their unique brand of genius and have their contributions serve them back? This workshop offers a new self-exploratory model of leadership, involvement and service learning, teaching students how to discover their purpose, strengthen their skills, knowledge, and resume all while serving others.

Clear identification of their Personal Brand of Genius…

Customized strategies for how to serve in a healthy way and create balance in their school and personal life.

Three written program, event, or service ideas using the Personal Brand of Genius and Plight as Programming… model.

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