Andrew Bryant is an experienced Leadership Consultant, Executive Coach, and Professional Speaker. Andrew has facilitated breakthrough learning sessions for senior teams and transformed leaders through 1 to 1 coaching. He is also the author of "Self-Leadership: How to Become a More Successful, Efficient and Effective Leader from the Inside Out" (McGraw-Hill 2012). As an expert on leadership, Andrew is famous for his ability to inspire people, to question conventional wisdom and embrace change resulting in positive outcomes. His unique coaching style blends constructive realism with humor to engage self-awareness and clarity of purpose. English by birth, Australian by citizenship, and living in Asia for the last 10 years whilst working globally gives Andrew insights and perspective on what it takes to be an effective leader of people in a multi-cultural world. Through 1 to 1 coaching, facilitation or leadership retreats, Andrew helps managers and "C level" executives to face their tough challenges and organizations to develop leaders and high performance cultures. Andrew is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) and upholds the ethics of the International Coach Federation. His is also a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) which means that he has been independently audited in terms of professionalism and client satisfaction. Less than 8% of professional speakers achieve this designation. 
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Self-Leadership – Mindsets & Strategies for Success

Andrew Bryant

After 18 years as a Self-Leadership Coach, it is clear that those who succeed are those with the right mindset. It is also clear that the mindsets to succeed in life and business can be taught. Andrew has worked with entrepreneurs who have taken their start-up business from their garage to multi-million dollar IPO, with managers who have been promoted to leaders, and with CEO’s who have transformed their companies.

Andrew’s methodology is Self-Leadership—the process of influencing yourself to achieve your objectives. Self-leaders are self-motivated to take purposeful action, and make better leaders and team members. They have greater self-awareness and self-confidence and are better able to positively influence.

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