Koran Bolden is a national youth motivational speaker, millennial life coach & entrepreneur, who advocates for students to graduate from school by using the arts, entrepreneurship and technology as outlets to make healthy life choices. Bolden is the recent recipient of the Verizon Wireless Everyday Hero Award, Mercedes Benz Rising Star, Cadillac City Shapers Salute, and being tapped by Walgreens as the spokesperson for their regional Walgreens expressions challenge. His most recent honor was being featured on the GAP Inc website for his impact on youth leadership and entrepreneurship in which he was later asked to deliver a keynote speech on stage for the Banana Republic Conference at the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas. After the County Executive's office heard of Bolden's GAP Inc story, they officially declared March 21, 2014 as Koran Bolden Day in Saint Louis County. In 2015, Bolden was appointed by Big Brothers Big Sister's CEO to be the founding member of the Young Leaders Alliance that will focus on community advocacy and social change. This amazing millennial driven initiative was created to activate, cultivate and propel the next generation of millennial social entrepreneurs. In 2016, Koran has developed a new platform sponsored by Wells Fargo that will empower new age leaders to thrive in the marketplace.
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Koran Bolden

After living the fast life of riches and fame as a national recording artist—then losing it all due to lack of preparation—Koran teaches students in this dynamic presentation how to set goals and overcome life’s many obstacles to become a student with a reputation marked by excellence. Watch Bolden connect with your students in a matter of minutes as he tells his compelling story of dropping out of school; getting and losing a $150,000 record deal; and bouncing back from failure to become a community leader, college student, National youth motivational speaker, entrepreneur, and Verizon Wireless Everyday Hero Award winner recipient. After this motivational session, your audience will understand the big picture of how good critical thinking skills and study habits are closely connected to what real success looks like.

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