Janice Celeste was always and entrepreneur. At age seven, she wasn't content with just having a lemonade stand like most children. She made her lemonade stand mobile by placing a cooler and supplies in her wagon and sold her lemonade at the basketball courts. She made so much money that her parents were worried about her safety and shut down her business. A few years later, she started sweeping leaves on a weekly basis for the elderly on her block and they looked forward to her visits each week. As soon as she was old enough to get her working papers at age 16, she went to work in the McDonald's Birthday Party Room, playing games with children and serving cake. She soon realized that she was the most requested employee at the children's parties, so she started The Fun Factory clown business where she hired herself out as a clown for birthday parties. She made more money that most of her friends. Later in life that clown business evolved into the Fun Factory Day Care Center that provided hands-on fun learning for children and in 1995 she started Successful Black Parenting magazine. Janice studied Organizational Management at Warner University where she graduated Magna Cum Laude. She went on to get her MBA from Capella University. Janice has been seen on many television shows including CNN, CNN Headline News, and The Early Show. She has three adult children and resides with her husband in Naples, Florida.

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Raising Successful Black Children

Janice Celeste

As heard on her inspirational national tour, Janice Celeste empowers women and parents about raising successful children. She’s started Successful Black Parenting magazine in 1995 and has since raised three successful girls to become successful women. Hear her story, how families are changing and what to expect to prepare your children for the future to become successful adults.

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