Formal Qualifications and Memberships • Master of Arts (Psychology), Pepperdine University USA, (Summa Cum Laude) • Master of Arts (Organisational Psychology), University of Queensland (coursework completed) • Bachelor of Arts (Politics and Philosophy), University of Melbourne • Diploma of Education (Monash University • Australian Institute of Company Directors (Certified Professional Member) • Accredited in MBTI, Enneagram, Team Management Systems, Full Circle 360, Belbin Maryanne is a specialist in strengthening leaders, teams and organisations. Maryanne’s career has two themes – educator and entrepreneur. She worked in secondary and tertiary education and then went into business - founding, building and selling two consulting organisations which were market leaders in their sectors. She has led teams, organisations and sits on three Boards. She is particularly well placed to challenge and support forums to increase their ROI. Maryanne specialises in taking forums to the next level by giving them the skills and process to deepen their conversation. In the past year Maryanne has worked successfuly with forums in India, Tokyo, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Hong Kong and Thailand. Maryanne became involved with YPO asa spouse and has extensive personal experience in forums.

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Quiet Mind, Electrifying Results

Maryanne Mooney

The benefits of meditation and visioning have long been supported by medical and holistic practitioners throughout the world as proven methods for improving overall health and wellness. Renee uses visualization exercises to help calm the mind and allow for focused thoughts that generate powerful energy and encourage creative thinking. Whether exploring business opportunities or working through personal challenges, these techniques can help you get to where you want to go and provide lasting results with ongoing personal practice.

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