President and founder of in Good Co, a culture conscious strategic and creative brand consultancy. A creative and lifestyle marketer with 20 years experience, Kirsten has transformed agencies, created brands, pioneered experiences, led teams and much more. Uniqlo, Anthropologie, Ralph Lauren, Google, Nike and Starbucks are just a few Kirsten has inspired. When not traveling between coasts she can found checking out the latest culinary spots or styling witty photoshoots of her children Hudson and Sailor.                
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Putting Purpose At The Center Of Culture

Kirsten Ludwig

Putting Purpose At The Center Of Culture: Get [creative] degree. Pound the Pavement. Land Your Dream Job. Win Your Dream Client. Quit The Next Day. This is the story of over half of the creatives at agencies today. Burn-out is at an all time high and turn over is status quo. But we’re using purpose to change the model.

Our industry isn’t alone but we’ll discuss how to infuse brands, and careers, with a culture of positivity and purpose. Because in today’s [talent] economy, culture is our biggest asset; purpose pays.

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