As an empowerment speaker, Rob has been developing and encouraging students for over 15 years. Rob uses innovative methods to reach and inspire young people all over the nation by creating an atmosphere of awareness and accountability for students to comfortably embrace.
Rob is also a national recording artist known as G.O.L.D and has been featured on the Russ Parr Morning Show, Fresh TV, DCTV show “Dreams”, and several radio stations across the country. Rob's music bridges gaps and shatters barriers. His lyrics appeal and apply to every listener despite age, race, and background. When G.O.L.D. hits the stage, he brings a unique abundance of enthusiasm and transmittable energy.

Rob recognizes the struggles, challenges, and disappointments that the next generation faces, therefore his programs and presentations give solutions, alternatives, and offer fresh ways of thinking and problem solving. He uses all of his gifts and experience for one purpose; that is to make a positive long lasting impact in the lives of our young people forever.

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Rob Howze

This course is designed to help maximize your true potential. There are 4 keys to unlocking and unleashing your Purpose. They are -Gifts -Talents -Resources -Passion.

Once you have a true understanding in each of these categories and how they align with your life, a sense of clarity and motivation will flood upon you.

The PurposeSearch course is very interactive and engaging. It will challenge you to dig deep, get rid of any negative self talk or sabotaging thoughts, and inspire you to begin living you best life today!

Whether life or business this PurposeSearch philosophy will empower greatness and extract your inner winner.

The future is what you do TODAY!

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