Jamie Lono can perform by himself or with his band, Noble Heart. He likes singing, songwriting, and long walks on the beach. Blake Shelton told him “You just have a vibe I've never seen before.” Because you know, he was on The Voice, which is kind of cool, right? After first coming to prominence as a singer, Jamie strived to transcend this former role into a true American troubadour, and dedicated himself to writing. This love of songcraft connected him to two acquaintances who unknowingly shared a musical history – all were members of the suburban Chicago hardcore scene. Seemingly ironic to come from such aggression and developing a musical focus on poignant and occasionally vulnerable storytelling, yet the band maintains that genre and style are mere embellishments of the soul of a band: the songs. Paralleling their penchant for direct and communicative music, the band's 1st release “Jamie Lono & Noble Heart: The Live EP” is lean and raw, leaving the songs no room to hide behind “studio magic.” The foundation of the EP was constructed over 6 months, integrating fragments of chord progressions, lyrics, verses, and hooks into cohesive works and recorded at various friends' apartments and basements.      
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Pure American Music with Jamie Lono

Jamie Lono

Jamie Lono likes singing, songwriting, and long walks on the beach. A true American troubadour, he performs a wide range of self-penned songs as well as covers by artists like Adele, Nirvana, Amy Winehouse, Justin Bieber, The Beatles, Chris Brown, Lorde, and more.

Jamie can perform by himself or with his band, Noble Heart. Hailing from the outskirts of Chicago, the group’s collections of sounds and lyrics bred intimate songs that grew undisturbed by the distractions of the urban landscape. It was in this environment that Jamie’s unique tenor melded with the playing of his bandmates to create a singular sound.

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