Julia Beauchamp (Bee-chum) is passionate about the transformative power of speaking, and has been described as, “warm”, “loving”, “refreshing” and “alive”!. It has been through her personal experience, first as a perfectionistic, caged and fearful wanna-be actress and now as a decisive, confident and charismatic speaker, that she learned what it takes to captivate a room and have an impact.

She has taught over 3,000 hours of yoga classes and workshops internationally and has over 10,000 hours of professional training in performance, voice and speaking over the past 15 years. This includes a B.A. in Acting from Emerson College and studying at the internationally renowned physical theater training institute, The Grotowski Center, in Poland. She is a “Claim Your Voice” certified public-speaking coach, a Magnetic Speaking Trainer and a certified Big Impact Speaker through Mark Grainger and Shannon Law.

She's worked with conscious entrepreneurs as well as corporate professionals from companies such as Fair Trade USA, The Wall Street Journal, SalesForce and The Center For Investigative Reporting.

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Public Speaking: Mastering Confidence & Power

Julia Beauchamp

Have you ever felt yourself shrinking down when it’s time to talk about what you do?
Studies show that these kind of non-verbal cues are at least 93% of communication. That means when you don’t feel confident your body language is telling people you are not open to working with them, making it harder to communicate effectively.
Most business and sales trainings focus on _ÑÊthe _ÑÊcontent_ÑÊ of your talks_ÑÊ but you are the face (and body) of your business—what are your non-verbals saying? Do you know how to harness your non-verbal expression to magnetize more clients, money, and_ÑÊ influence_ÑÊ?

This class will teach you to:
_ÑÊ- How To Speak Confidently And Authentically
– The Keys To Inspire You_ÑÊr Audience To Take Action
– The Secrets Of Non-Verbal Communication That Make Or Break Connection

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