Lori Bruhns, the creator of Profit-Producing Productivity, works with individuals and businesses throughout NC and across the United States who are ready to maximize their time and talents. Her integrative approach to productivity mentoring stems from a rich and varied background in education, organizational leadership, and business practices. As a former educator for nine years, a mother of twin boys, and a wife, Lori understood the need maximize her time. The more efficient in her life she became, the more productive she was at work, the more time she had to enjoy her family and friends. She was inspired to start her own consulting business to mentor others how to maximize their time and talent, and bring empowerment to their own lives. Through her extensive knowledge of how individuals learn, Lori uses a collaborative approach to teaching her clients how to make the most of their day, week, month, and year with systems tailored to their learning styles. Lori has worked with companies such as Duke University Medical, SAS and top performance teams of Rodan and Fields and Herbalife in NC and around the United States.
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Profit-Producing Productivity

Lori Bruhns

In this presentation, Lori helps people recognize the benefits of being efficient with their time and how it will make them become more profitable. She presents easy, implementable tips that will help them change old habits and create new ones that will save them time and energy–thus helping them become more efficient and productive in all aspects of their lives.

Through Lori’s energetic and interactive presentation, people walk away confident and empowered that they will be able maximize their time and talents at work so they can enjoy the things they love with whom they love after work.

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