Joanna Taylor has over 15 years senior HR experience across a range of businesses.

She is a true global connector who likes nothing more than working with organisations to unlock the potential in their people. She is passionate about making a difference for leaders and managers within organisations and likes nothing more than complex human centric problems to solve.

She is fascinated by how organisations can talk to their employees heart, head and guts when developing consumer grade experiences for their people. She believes that people can get in the way of innovation in workplaces and is determined to simplify and cut through old world processes and procedures to drive deep emotional connections for people working today and in the future.

Her work spans 4 key areas where she have been working with a number of clients from media & communications, publishing, technology, retail and hospitality globally.

Culture and Engagement
Organisational Effectiveness
People Management
Organisational Design

She has created a range of products and services which support leaders in re- imagining a Workl ife Less Ordinary which will enable you to take control of your agenda for shaping the new world of work.

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Predictive Succession Planning

Joanna Taylor

In this session, Jo will take you through an approach to Predictive Succession Planning which will enable you as HR leaders to focus on Talent Demand in order to improve Succession Management and ensure you also focus on enhanced assessment of our Talent Supply.

Most businesses focus on 1 of the above but by focussing on both you can future proof your organisation.

Jo will take you through a tried and tested methodology which will set you up for success.

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