Kyla Jenee Lacey is a spoken word artist who hails from the sunshine state, which goes along perfectly with her personality. She has performed at colleges and venues in almost 20 states. She's won and been nominated for numerous awards including, but not limited to, APCA's Poet of the Year and Campus Activities Magazine's Best Female Artist and was also a finalist in the largest regional poetry slam in the country in 2012. She is an avid animal lover, environmental enthusiast and artist. She has a CD entitled “AWay With Words” released in Dec. 2010, and second CD “Lady Brings the Blues” released in March 0f 2012. Kyla has found her niche in the male dominated world of spoken word by speaking as one of the few voices of women. She will make you laugh, cry and feel utterly inspired.            
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Poetry with Kyla Lacey

Kyla Lacey

Kyla facilitates poetry workshops for college and high school age students and enjoys giving back to the community. Her poetry is based off of her real life experiences and she enjoys telling her story of triumphing over tragedy. She likes short walks on the beach and is an aspiring cat lady. When telling her story, Kyla has the ability to make her audience laugh about even some of the roughest times in life.

Kyla would be a perfect addition to festivities for Black History Month, Women’s History Month, Domestic Violence Awareness, Women’s Issues programming, and writing workshops. She will make you laugh, cry and feel utterly inspired.

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