Post Law school, Steve Savad formed his business backbone on Wall Street, beginning with a rigorous Management Training Program at PaineWebber (now UBS). From there he was hired by a leading Turkish Investment firm that relocated him to Istanbul. Under his leadership that business exploded and his group became ranked #1 Institutional team by Institutional Investor. Steve moved back to his native New York where he became an Internet pioneer/entrepreneur, founding/ building (and later selling) a company called that he founded out of a partnership with Sysco foodservice and eBay. Steve went on to serve as a Director at Sysco Foodservice (a fortune 50 Company) where he reported to the CEO. There, he built a new business that dramatically changed the entire marketing platform for the company. Recruited by the CEO of a company in the online travel space called Travelzoo, he developed a new division that quickly ballooned to more than $100M in revenue. He remained SVP of that company for four years. Recently Steve served as President of a specialty medical products company where he developed a go-to-market strategy that grew the business by 100% in one year. The consistent thread throughout Steve's career has been the ability to clearly create win-win outcomes. Leveraging this ability in a Business Development capacity, Steve has created millions of dollars in incremental growth everywhere he has worked. He prides himself on building business by instilling trust.
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Platform of Trust

Steve Savad

The single most important ingredient for business success is TRUST. Before someone purchases anything from you, engages in any sort of business with you, or consider working with you, they must trust you. Ironically, most people are entirely worthy of trust, but they fail to enlist it. Most of the time this is easily overcome by explaining why you should be trusted.

Steve’s philosophy is based on a simple “platform of trust” that invokes three basic pillars (or “legs”) The first, is trust in the person making the sale/presentation. Next, the person on the opposite side of the table must trust your Company. Lastly, they must have trust in the product/service or offering.

Through a fun and engaging presentation Steve will show you how anyone can lay their “Foundation of Trust.”

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