Facing the Fear of Backlash

Ruzana Glaeser

Have you ever wanted to speak up, ask for a raise or a promotion but was afraid of a backlash? Let’s talk about women in the workforce and dig into… read more.


Act like a Leader

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Career Advancement: what we must know, whom we must ask, & how to do so confidently

Ruzana Glaeser

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Difficult Conversations: how to spot them, how to have them, and what not to do

Ruzana Glaeser

Difficult conversations arise in personal and professional settings. When the stakes are high,when we are working with people whom we care about, when an employee isn’t performing or you aren’t… read more.


Negotiate Your Success: how to know your worth, when to ask for more, and what to do with a ‘no’

Ruzana Glaeser

There is a stark difference in negotiating on behalf of others vs negotiating on your own behalf. Women especially have a hard time asking for themselves, and many undervalue their… read more.


Negotiations: Goals, Process, Results

Ruzana Glaeser

Negotiations are everywhere, in business and life. Sales, Legal, Marketing, Sourcing, IT – whether you are negotiating with outside sources such as suppliers and agents, or inside teams for resources,… read more.


Business Growth Accelerator Session

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The 3 C’s: Choice, Chance, Change

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Confidence, Awareness & Leadership

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Facing the Fear of Backlash


Ruzana is many things, but professionally speaking she plays a dual role as a co-founder of brightmeetsbrave.com and a successful sourcing professional.

Master of difficult conversations that often arise in business transactions as well as a fierce people leader, Ruzana’s expertise and passion lies in women empowerment, negotiations and relationship management.

She’s had the privilege of working for manufacturing and retail companies, in the US and abroad, for large corporations as well as small privately held firms.

Ruzana’s beliefs: curiosity, resilience and character are what moves the world forward.

Having the experience of growing up in Russia, moving to the US on her own at a young age and rising to success through determination, collaboration and continuous learning, Ruzana has a unique perspective of global culture of business.

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Facing the Fear of Backlash

Ruzana Glaeser

Have you ever wanted to speak up, ask for a raise or a promotion but was afraid of a backlash? Let’s talk about women in the workforce and dig into social and economic penalties they might face for exhibiting behavior that is counter to gender stereotypes.

TV shows, books, toys, our society at large, all enforce certain expectations from different genders. Women are viewed as caring and great as teachers and nurses, men are perceived as natural leaders and great as engineers and doctors. Even though some organizations relentlessly try to counter the effects of gender stereotyping, we can’t get away from reality.

Let’s talk about why in certain circumstances we are afraid to act, what potential consequences of our actions and in-actions are, and how we can proceed with asking what we want and deserve without the fear of backlash.

At times we can prevent it, sometimes we can off-set it and others times it will be completely out of our control. You will learn how to get out of the ‘fight-flight-freeze’ cycle when encountered with backlash, and proceed with your asks while subsiding your fear.


  • Learn social & economic penalties associated with backlash
  • Techniques and actionable plan to gain confidence
  • Tools to employ when encountered with backlash

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