Maureen Zappala is an award winning speaker, author and presentation coach. She is a former engineer, and spent 13 years at the NASA Lewis Research center in Cleveland, Ohio conducting jet engine research. She's also a mom to 2 teenagers. In fact, she says "Raising kids is WAY HARDER than jet engine research. Way harder!" As a former NASA propulsion engineer, and founder of High Altitude Strategies, she encourages high-performing and accomplished people who struggle with the "Impostor Syndrome," the internal voice that says "I don't know what I'm doing and I'm on the verge of being discovered as a fraud!" She heard that voice frequently while at NASA and has learned how to successfully turn down its volume. Maureen has a BS in mechanical engineering from the University of Notre Dame, and became the first female and youngest manager of NASA's Propulsion Systems Laboratory. You may think that engineers are not known for verbal communication skills, but Maureen has shattered that stereotype. In 2009, she was in the top 10 of 30,000 contestants in the Toastmaster International World Championship of Public Speaking contest. She has since developed a remarkably effective approach that helps people fine tune their own presentation skills, which she's published in her book "Great Speakers are Not Born. They're Built." She is currently working on another book titled "Over-Achiever, Under-Believer: How to Match Your Confidence to Your Competence."
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Over-Achiever, Under-Believer: How to Match Your Confidence to Your Competence

Maureen Zappala

“Everyone thinks I’m smarter than I really am! They’re going to figure it out soon!” Many successful people think this. Maybe you’re one of them. You sometimes feel you are about to be nabbed by the “No Talent Police.” You may suffer from the Impostor Syndrome, the persistent feeling that regardless of your accolades, you don’t measure up. You dismiss praise, and shrink back from growth opportunities.You overcompensate by working harder, being charming and demanding perfection from yourself. What would happen if you were released from this bondage, and kicked your impostor to the curb?

In this session, learn 3 powerful techniques that can lead you to true confidence and the freedom to flourish. Own your greatness and enjoy your accomplishments.

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