John Hall is the co-founder and CEO of Influence & Co., a company focused on helping brands and individuals extract and leverage their expertise to create, publish, and distribute content to gain influence, visibility, and credibility with their key audiences. In less than four years, Hall has grown Influence & Co. into one of the largest providers of high-quality expert content to the world's top publications, ranking number 72 on Forbes' “Most Promising Companies in America” list and named Empact's “Best Marketing and Advertising Company of 2014” at the United Nations. Influence & Co. was recently mentioned in Inc. as the “#1 Company Dominating Content Marketing." Hall was recognized by Forbes as the “#1 Keynote Speaker For Digital Trends” and was also mentioned as one of the “most authentic speakers." Inc. recently mentioned him as one of the most influential people in marketing and media. Techweek listed him as one of the 100 most influential people in tech. Hall has a weekly column for Forbes and Inc. and has contributed to more than 50 publications, including Business Insider, The Washington Post, and Harvard Business Review.
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Optimizing Content Marketing: Trends and Priorities for Industry Leaders

John Hall

In a world of the informed and empowered buyer, companies need to authentically engage with buyers in the formats and channels they prefer on the topics they care about. But to effectively utilize content and thought leadership as the drivers of your marketing efforts, you need to understand its current state and where it’s headed. John Hall, CEO of Influence & Co. and a thought leader in content marketing, will discuss new and emerging trends that companies need to know, and where to capitalize on these opportunities. He’ll discuss topics ranging from Ad blocking to executive branding, seasonal content, micro-moments, visual content, mobile trends, and more.

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