Jackie Camacho Ruiz is the Make-It-Happen Director at the award-winning marketing and public relations agency JJR Marketing, Inc. Working with clients that range from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies, Jackie has emerged as a thought leader in her field. As a philanthropist, motivational speaker, seven-time author, and two-time cancer survivor, Jackie lives life passionately and strives to "unleash the amazing" in the people she meets. Jackie, with her lionhearted approach to business, bears the markings of a true entrepreneurial magnate. Her knowledge of the industry has landed her several features in the media, such as CBS World News and ABC7; and garnered her numerous awards, including the Emerging Leader Award and the Entrepreneurial Excellence and Influential Women in Business Award, among many others. Jackie lives an amazing life in the Midwest with her husband and business partner, Juan Pablo, and their two children, Leonardo and Giulianna.

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Jacqueline Camacho

Jackie’s positive energy and poignant honesty touches all audience members and leaves them changed forever. Find out what the 8 Fig Factors are (as identified in her book, The Fig Factor) and how these fruits inspire growth and second chances. Discover how to find more in every moment of living by:

– Turning disappointment into positive energy

– Transforming each day into an amazing adventure

– Honoring others and watch relationships and opportunities grow

The 8 Fig Factors help listeners to have a true self-awareness and to embrace all of life’s possibilities -; even amidst great struggles. How unstoppable could you be if you could discover something new about your life everyday -; something that helps you grow and evolve as a person?

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