Dr Yvonne Sum CSP ACC has a gift. She draws executives into their deep inner essence to find treasures that expresses their talent to make timely changes in their outer world. Her own transformational journey drew insights from various tribes: as a dentist, RAAF officer, executive coach, leadership facilitator & speaker, media expert on national lifestyle television, author, corporate expat, business partner and mother of two. Calling herself a global gypsy, Yvonne has lived in Asia, Australia and the Middle East and worked with Directors, CEO’s, Senior Management in high growth multinational corporations, family enterprises and entrepreneurial start-ups. She facilitates unique leadership development programs which help senior executives discover a centred and balanced leadership presence to drive through their 3G (Gender, Generational, Global) challenges by seamlessly shifting their contextual intelligence. Dr Yvonne Sum is a published international author on leadership across home and work tribes. She consistently provokes senior business leaders to ‘lose their minds and come to their senses’ by integrating their leadership lessons at home successfully back into the work tribe, and vice versa. As one of only 267 female CSPs in the world, she has presented alongside Edward de Bono, Tony Buzan, Tun Dr Mahathir, Howard Gardner, Ram Charan and Jack Canfield. Dr Yvonne Sum transforms the leader in you. You will find her powerfully intentional & inspirational.

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Mindful in the Midst of Madness

Yvonne Sum

As a leader in very challenging times, we need to be able to take extreme self-care to be able to both energize ourselves and to excite our followers to an exceptional future. We need emotional resilience and spiritual alignment to a meaningful higher purpose, on top of physical focus and mental connectedness. The leader who persists through the toughest resistance to manifest an ambitious vision draws energy that defies being able to connect to only one’s own reserves, but has a supernormal interconnected-ness to sources beyond the self through mindfulness practice. Indisputable scientific evidence from the Institute of Noetic Sciences is showing this more and more.

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