Pam Paquet is a performance management specialist who builds better bosses and creates exit strategy plans. Her psychological expertise helps workplaces and people “stop doing what does not work”. She is referred to as the “Dr. Phil of the Workplace” because she understands people and how to modify behaviours. Pam focuses on communication, accountability and behaviours. As an organizational therapist she has great insight into the “people side of business” and creates strategies for change. Pam specializes in topics such as conflict, assertiveness, managing difficult people and transitional change. Pam's credentials include an MEd and BA in Psychology with a specialization in mediation. She is a master level facilitator registered as a Canadian Speaking Professional. Pam is certified with the Canadian Counselling Association and provides psychological services in a successful private practice.
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Managing Sweet & Sour: How to Handle Passive – Aggressive Behaviour

Pam Paquet

Ever have an interaction or conversation that goes seemingly well but later feels like a train wreck filled with resentment, mistrust and frustration? This is characteristic when interacting with passive-aggressive behaviours. Some people use passive-aggressive tactics and leadership styles to get what they want but in a “nice” way.

It seems perfectly acceptable to be sweet and sincere but then turn from Jekyll to Hyde and use back door strategies that are sour and negative. Manipulation has many faces and comes in different flavours; passive-aggressive is just one of them.

Learning objectives:
– Accurately identify passive-aggressive behaviour
– Assertively respond to passive interactions
– Think strategically to resolve aggressive problems

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