When something changes things, how do we thrive with the future? Peter McGugan is a best-selling author and award-winning filmmaker. Meeting planners have rated him among the top ten speakers in America. California's Society of Association Executives rated him their speaker of the year twice! Peter is an expert on topics like beating burnout, thinking things through, managing change, tracking trends, improving memory, and making better life choices. By weaving visuals, practical techniques, and demonstrative film clips into his presentations, he'll show you proven ways for thriving with the future.                  

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Managing Change

Peter McGugan

A tornado, ripping through a town, happens in minutes. But it takes the people decades to recover. Some refuse to recover. When something changes everything we must rekindle motivation, trust, and belief—so we pick ourselves up, pull together and begin to begin again. Peter McGugan, the author of When Something Changes Everything, heals the gaps between expectation and reality. He helps us nurture personal reasons to keep on keeping on, and to be even better than before. Life and organizations happen in chapters. Peter has helped hundreds of thousands of people move from one chapter into the next with greater understanding, grace, and results. People need to know they’re not going crazy…something has changed just about everything. And that’s a normal part of life too.

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