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For nearly 20 years, David has been researching, writing, consulting, and especially speaking about the generations for organizations ranging from the IRS to MTV. He brings his years of experience and expertise to every live Geniecast and prides himself on customizing his message for every audience—whether it be one-on-one or thousands.

He has received rave reviews from world-renowned Fortune 100 companies including American Express, Deloitte, Walt Disney, Pepsi, Pricewaterhouse Coopers, GE, Cisco Systems, Pfizer, Lockheed Martin, General Mills, 3M, Best Buy, Johnson and Johnson and many more.

David coauthored 3 best-selling books: “When Generations Collide,” “The M-Factor: How the Millennials Are Rocking the Workplace,” and his newest book “Gen Z @ Work.”

David has appeared as a generational expert on CNN, CNBC, and the Today show and in national publications including TIME magazine, The Washington Post, The New York Times, and USA Today. His creative communications work earned him numerous accolades including gold medals at the NY Film Festival and the much coveted CLIO Award. He was named by The Business Journal as one of 200 to Watch.

Diane Sawyer from ABC News said it best, “Whether you're a tie-dyed preppie or a starched shirt Traditionalist, David will help you see the world through the eyes of another generation.”

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Make Way for Gen Z

David Stillman

Are you ready for GenZ? Born 1995-2012, don’t be surprised when you find they are nothing like the Millennials—and the time to get to know them is today. The leading edge of GenZ has entered their 20s.

Best-selling author and generations expert David Stillman offers insights into the next generation—and even better, he has one joining his Geniecast! His 17-year-old son Jonah, the first Gen Z Genie! This Gen X and Gen Z (father-son) combo recently published a new book, “Gen Z @ Work,” and are eager to help you get ahead of the curve.

Based on three national studies, cutting-edge case studies and interviews with hundreds of CEOs, this dynamic duo is shedding light on what makes this new generation unique and what leaders need to know to get them in the door, on board, and up to speed.

You will learn:

-The key events and conditions that shape Gen Z.
-Gen Z’s key traits and how they play out in the workplace and marketplace.
-How Gen Z is similar and different from the other generations and where they are likely to click and clash.

Believe it or not, there’s life after the Millennial generation.  A new generation is starting to hit our workforce, yet no one has been talking about it. Until now.

Whatever you want to know about Gen Z, these experts are ready to talk live!

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