Super entrepreneur and CEO of 123Employee Daven Michaels has made a career of living the American Dream. Starting his entrepreneurial career at age 15, Daven never looked back. Daven has turned multiple passions into prosperous businesses and careers. He has been a bestselling music and television producer, author, speaker and successful entrepreneur. Daven has helped thousands of small business owners transform their businesses by showing them how to play ball with the big corporations and beat them at their own game.

Daven's new book ‘Outsource Smart' has propelled him to the top of the bestseller lists. New York Times Best Seller, Los Angeles Times Best Seller & Amazon #1 Best Seller, Daven Michaels has become an advocate for the small business owner and has appeared on numerous radio and TV shows globally. His books have sold 1,000's of copies worldwide.

What sets Daven apart from many others is that he has applied his winning formulas to multiple businesses and has generated millions. He doesn't teach from theory or basic motivational chit chat. He has a unique ability to evaluate almost any business very quickly and recommend practical solutions that can be implemented, ideally by leveraging others.

Daven's expertise has not gone unnoticed by the speaking world. In a short period of time he has become one of the most sought after speakers because of his many years of experience and proven track record of creating successful multimillion dollar businesses.

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Living the Laptop Lifestyle – Generate Unlimited Leads in Your Business

Daven Michaels

There are those who write books and talk about living the global lifestyle, the theory of running your business from your laptop and cell phone, and then there’s Daven Michaels, maverick entrepreneur, internet marketing pioneer and someone who has an international reputation for ‘actually’ living the laptop lifestyle. Daven manages several businesses with hundreds and hundreds of employees who work in 3 continents, from over 4 physical offices… and he really does manage his multi-million dollar businesses from his laptop and cell phone!

Daven will share with attendee the fundamentals of working with a global workforce, the challenges he faced in growing his business, and what today’s entrepreneurs need to know about outsourcing to save and time money and generate more business.

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