Lee is a professional life and business coach who believes strongly that each of us has our own inner GPS. Her aim is to connect you to your inner coach so that you begin to experience ease and flow to all parts of your life by inspiring you to actions that build upon each other and gives you the confidence to keep moving forward. Her style is very intuitive, which enables her to genuinely connect to who you are and collaborate with you to design the next chapter in your life.

In addition to being a certified professional coach through the International Coach Federation, Lee has been a consultant, sales trainer, and sales & management coach for business giants that include This End Up Furniture Company and Storehouse Furniture. She traveled the country helping people “reach their numbers” and communicate more effectively with their team. Many praise Lee for her gentle and often humorous style with powerful results when it comes to lasting behavior shifts.







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Leveraging Your Intuition

Lee Beaven

The best guidance for yourself comes from YOU.

We all have questions about our life and our tendency is to go to others for advice, answers, opinions and/or guidance. While most people we engage are well meaning, we don’t really feel satisfied with their responses. Pay attention…There is a reason for that.

As you continue on your search for the answers, you may hear a wise person say that the answers you seek are within. Sounds great, but how do we “go within”?

In this hour, we will explore questions such as:

– What are the ways in which we experience our intuition.
– How do you know it when you experience it?
– How can you tap in more often?

Explore and apply practical techniques to awaken, re-engage and/or confirm your intuition and its many unique languages.

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