Suzanne Eder is a world-class teacher, writer and mentor, as well as a leading-edge thinker in the fields of consciousness and spirituality. She founded Solid Ground Transformational Life Coaching in 2003 to help people wake up to their magnificence and create lives they truly love. Before that, she co-founded and ran both a fitness studio for women and a holistic healing center. Suzanne authors an award-winning monthly column in Living.Well Magazine, offering inspired and practical counsel in areas related to personal transformation. Her book, 10 Ways to Find Peace Rather Than Panic (When the World Has Gone a Little Crazy), has earned a 5-star rating on Amazon. New York Times best-selling author Anita Moorjani endorsed Suzanne's first online course, Love Yourself to Success and Fulfillment. Suzanne was also a featured presenter at the 2015 TEDx Wilmington conference, speaking on “The Dark Side of Self Improvement.” All of this experience sits on top of her formal education. Suzanne has degrees in both Accounting and Economics and graduated summa cum laude from the University of Delaware. She started her professional career as a CPA and enjoyed a highly successful corporate career in both Finance and Human Resources. She is also a graduate of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing. Suzanne bridges the mainstream and the metaphysical with wisdom and humor. She lives what she teaches. In the words of her former coach, best-selling author Tama Kieves, she is "the real deal.”

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Letting Go of Success

Suzanne Eder

Learn why chasing success rarely leads to the kind of deep inner peace and fulfillment you’re longing for. Genuine, inspired success isn’t about reaching an end point; it’s about cultivating a state of being that supports you in expressing the best of who you are, moment by moment.It’s about shifting your orientation away from the accomplishment of overly-specific, quantitative goals and toward growth, fulfillment and the quality of your life experience.

 In this paradigm-busting program, you will learn:

  • The immense value of present-moment awareness
  • Why your ability to focus is key to your creative power
  • How to recognize your own inner guidance
  • Why genuine self-love is the essential foundation for a fulfilled life
  • How to relate to goals in a healthy way

 Let go of success…let in joy.

what you get

  • Last up to one hour
  • Allow for up to 200 connections into the Cast (a connection is a login from a unique location)
  • Include the two-way video experience (including interactive HD streaming video and audio) and dedicated support