Richard Rierson is a husband, father of four daughters, & John Maxwell Certified leadership coach, trainer, & speaker. He loves helping professionals & organizations develop an authentic leadership presence, crush limiting beliefs, & overcome mediocrity.

Richard is the host of the top ranked business Podcast & radio show "Dose of Leadership", a show of inspiring interviews with high quality leaders such as Steve Forbes, Barbara Corcoran, Fred Smith, Bob Lutz, Stephen M.R. Covey, Jim Kouzes, David Allen, Coach Bill Snyder, & Coach Greg Marshall just to name a few. The podcast has been downloaded in over 196 countries across the globe and recently named by Fortune Magazine a “Top-10 Business Podcast”.

Richard additionally serves as Chief Pilot at Bombardier Aerospace and has previously held multiple leadership positions at the Vice President & Director level for Bombardier, Value Place Hotels, and The Hayes Company. 

Richard served ten years active duty as an Officer in the United States Marine Corps and ten years part-time with the Kansas Air National Guard & Air Force Reserve. He has accumulated over 6,500 flight hours as Captain/Aircraft Commander in multiple types of aircraft. 

Richard is a born & bred Wichita native and received his BS of Computer Science from Wichita State University in 1991. He is also a 2007 recipient of the Wichita Business Journal's annual 40-Under-40 award. 

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Legacy Leader Blueprint

Richard Rierson

The Legacy Leader Blueprint is a course that lays the groundwork for a lifetime of transformative common-sense leadership; A leadership philosophy that allows everyday people to create:

-More leaders
-More opportunities for others success
-More solutions & creative free thinking
-A life of significance & purpose leading to more time & economic freedom

We’ve all experienced ineffective leadership in our lives. Think of a time in your life when someone was put into a leadership position but they were not ready for it.

This course highlights why this is such common problem and how we can break through this misconception, begin a lifetime journey of significant growth, & start producing dramatic results.

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