Dr. Loren Murfield is the CEO and President of PWR University where he works with decision makers to strategize radical change. While incremental change is often very valuable, he works best with those leaders looking to make the quantum leap in their products, services, company or career.

Dr. Murfield continually monitors the world filled with rapid and radical change, monitoring the trends and forecasting the opportunities to do what most consider impossible. He then works with aspiring and emerging leaders to create the desired revolutionary transformation. His process turns followers into disruptive leaders by making a paradigm shift in their thinking, strategizing and executing bold action at the perfect time and while becoming a disruptive leader in attitude, energy and identity. In the end, he collaborates with the client, audience or reader to mastermind radical change.

Loren's life reflects this radical change as he worked warehouse and factory jobs before returning to college at age 31 to earn the first of his degrees. Within 8 years he had earned his B.S., M.A. and Ph.D. He taught traditional and returning adult college students in 23 undergraduate and M.B.A. courses, most recently as an online faculty member in the Roger Williams Graduate Leadership program. He is an entrepreneur, founding a disruptive leader online training platform, PWR University, in 2015. Dr. Murfield coaches executives, small business owners and entrepreneurs since 2003.

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Leading with the Power of Compassion: Strategizing Your Ultimate Success in the Sharing Economy

Loren Murfield

The paradigm for leadership is in the midst of a radical transformation due to the rapid speed of technological and cultural change. Where once leaders and organization enjoyed a monopoly on power, today the balance has shifted and followers have choices never before envisioned. To lead in what we call the 3D world, leaders must connect and collaborate with compassion. However, most leaders are not prepared mentally or emotionally to lead with compassion. We must go beyond engagement and deeper than Emotional Intelligence. In this engaging, enlightening, and energizing presentation, participants will discover the age old secret that is empowering radical and rapid change in the workplace. Those attending will learn the motivation, benefits, and process of becoming a compassionate leader.

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