James Connolly believes that to be a manager is to orchestrate. To be a coach is to teach. But to be a leader is to inspire the greatness in each of us to express our talents, skills and abilities for the greater good of the cause. He has done this throughout his career, family and life.

Unlike the saying that “Leaders are born, not made”, Jim is a contrarian to that myth and part of the new majority that leaders are developed through experience, training, reading and mentorship. This lesson was apparent in the playgrounds of Providence, R.I. where he learned that the best teams weren't the ones made up of super stars but the ones that had the right attitude, commitment and passion to succeed.

Later on in life, one of Jim's many mentor's, Chef Gus Reidi taught him that his biggest asset in his business was his people, not his knowledge, skills or business prowess but the people of his organization.

After 18 years of taking an uninspired dinner house to world class dining greatness, Jim continued to practice these leadership lesson that you have to have a plan, trust your team and execute with excellence!

This passion for helping develop talent inspired James to create and run a leadership development and team building training company called CEO Chef. For the past 20 years has had the pleasure to work with many Fortune 500 and 100 companies to help transform their leaders and teams.

James is the author of two books, Teamwork: Recipe to Your Business Success and i Lead.

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Leading with Gratitude

James Connolly

No matter what leadership process that you believe in for your organization, to really succeed and be happy at the same time is to have an underlying current of gratitude flowing throughout your day. Gratitude may be the number one missing piece in your organization that inspires your team to new heights.

With the cost of training and replacing workers, your team needs a large dose of thankfulness, appreciation and gratitude as the glue that bonds your organization and allows it to soar to new heights.

It’s a scientific fact that emotions are energy, including the emotion of gratitude. So if you want your organization to grow and thrive, match that gratitude’s energy frequency and attract the environment that promotes success in your organization now!

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