If you think corporate fiscal topics aren't interesting, THINK AGAIN! Gary Patterson has a passion to help others in this crucial, strategic topic that too many leaders avoid as long as possible.

He passionately helps you accelerate sustainable profitable growth. Enable growth through leverage you did not know you had or stop being a best-kept secret, stuck, or coasting on past success.

Ever feel overwhelmed by financial jargon? Imagine how you will benefit with a financial expert on your side. Demystify, analyze and pinpoint issues keeping your company from meeting revenue, profitability, and cash flow targets:

- Reach your goals speedily, efficiently, and with less stress.
- Find innovative, formerly invisible, new solutions.
- Gain a free profitable perspective and the benefit of expert guidance.

Unlike most speakers, Gary speaks about balancing strategic risk management and reward from the perspective of achieving personal and business growth, improving accountability and finding Million Dollar Blind Spots©, in time.

Clients include: National Speakers Association, Commerce Club, Reverse Logistics Association, SupplyChain & Transportation USA, UIC, ExecSense, MetricStream, INC, Forbes, Entrepreneur, The Conference Board of Canada, Corporate Compliance Insights, Financier Global (UK), APICS, FEI, JD Edwards (UK) Users Conference, and Association of Strategic Planners.

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Leaders Regain Control

Gary Patterson

Move your business from “good enough” or even “stuck” to “Wow!”

A facilitated discussion on one or more of five major Million Dollar Financial and Operational blind spots while growing your business through applying common sense approaches to existing business processes—techniques that you can take away. Because most companies never have all the money, people, and time they need or want. Gary grew up and lives in that real world, and can help you.

You can start with this fiscal checkup to provide value where other organizations spend major dollars. Think of this as a beer budget bottom-line oriented approach toward a risk assessment, enterprise risk management review or a strategic operational internal audit examination.

– Focus on strategic areas you need to address to increase opportunities or decrease risks.
– Address the cause of apparent coasting, stuck or good enough results.
– Find your path to sustainable profitable growth.

How well prepared are you to improve top line revenue and bottom line profitability in a heightened era of liability, excuses and assigning blame, after the fact? Thankfully, there’s a fiscal doctor in the building.

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