Rand Stagen is the Managing Director of the Stagen Leadership Academy. Established in 1999, the Academy trains leaders from across North America who are committed to long-term personal development and using their organizational platforms for positive impact. Prior to founding Stagen, Rand was President of Presido Media Group, a publisher of newspapers and magazines in the Southwest. He is a former Chapter President of Young Entrepreneur's Organization (YEO) and a past Chairman / current board member of Conscious Capitalism Inc., a national non-profit organization. Rand is a sought-after speaker to diverse audiences at universities, conferences, and industry events on the topic of leading conscious businesses. He earned his B.A. in Political Science from Southern Methodist University and lives in Dallas with his wife and two daughters.
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Leaders Get the Organization They Deserve – The Power of Unconditional Responsibility

Rand Stagen

A central challenge high performing executives encounter is what Stagen refers to as the performance paradox: the “winning formula” that created a leader’s initial success becomes the very thing that holds the leader back from moving to the next level.

For many leaders, personal heroics and intuition are at the core of this “winning formula”. the unlocking move for the organization lies in the personal transformation of the entrepreneur. As goes the leader…so goes the company.

Rand invites you to see your organization as a giant mirror into yourself. He explores the psychological and emotional challenges you face that ultimately plateaus your own development. Finally, Rand provides recommendations on how to drive reinvention of self and company.

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