Joe Kissell is the author of numerous books about technology, including Mac Security Bible and, at last count, 52 titles in the Take Control series (such as Take Control of Your Online Privacy, Take Control of Your Passwords, and Take Control of the Cloud). He runs a website called Joe On Tech, which features books and articles he's written about improving one's relationship with technology. Joe is also a contributing editor to TidBITS (the second-longest-running publication on the Internet) and a senior contributor to Macworld, was the winner of a Neal award for excellence in business journalism, and has appeared on the MacTech 25 list (the 25 people voted most influential in the Macintosh community) since 2007.

Before he began writing full-time in 2003, Joe spent nearly eight years managing software development. He holds a bachelor's degree in Philosophy and a master's degree in Linguistics. Joe lives in San Diego with his wife, their two sons, and their cat. When not writing about things with blinky lights, Joe practices t'ai chi, reads as much as he can, and explores innovative ways to work more chocolate into his diet.

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Keeping Up with Technology

Joe Kissell

Forty years ago, fax machines and Selectric typewriters were state-of-the-art office technology. Today, it’s cloud computing and smart mobile devices. Technology changes rapidly, and businesses that lag behind risk losing customers and frustrating employees. On the other hand, capital is always finite and some new tech trends fizzle faster than you can say “depreciation.”

How can you stay on top of new technology that’s essential to keep your business competitive and make wise purchasing decisions without breaking the bank? In this presentation, author and technology expert Joe Kissell provides concrete advice for figuring out which current and upcoming technologies are likely to have the biggest impact on your business—and what to do about them.

The presentation covers:

– How to stay aware of current and emerging technology trends that may affect your business
– Key technology areas to watch (including mobile devices, cloud services, network infrastructure, and security practices)
– Why and how consumer technology migrates to the corporate world
– How to hire employees (or consultants) who can help you keep on top of new tech
– Making smart technology purchase and budgeting decisions

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