Dr. Robyn Stein DeLuca is a scholar, speaker, and author on the subjects of Health Psychology, Reproduction, and Religion. She is passionate about educating with cutting edge research, and exploring the important health and religious questions of today. Her students have reviewed her as “the most dynamic professor they ever had,” and she has been invited to speak to a variety of groups including: the Suffolk County Women’s Bar Association, the League of Women Voters, and The Society of Black Engineers. Robyn has a Ph.D. in Health Psychology with a graduate certificate in Women’s Studies, and was a core faculty member in the Women’s and Gender Studies Program at Stony Brook University for 15 years, teaching a multitude of courses on the psychology of health, gender, and reproduction. Her research on postpartum depression and childbirth satisfaction has been published in scholarly psychology journals. In recent years Robyn’s interests have broadened to include the study of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. In an amazing cross-cultural experience in 2012, she was invited to teach a course on Women and Religion at the State University of St. Petersburg, Russia. Because her love of learning is a lifetime commitment, Robyn recently completed a Graduate Certificate in Religious Studies and Education with the Harvard Divinity School. Robyn gave a dynamic Tedx talk in 2015 titled "The Good News About PMS" which now has over one million views. Her book, The Hormone Myth: How Gender Politics, Junk Science, and Lies about PMS Have Kept Women Down will be published by New Harbinger Publications in May 2017.

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Islam 101

Robyn Stein DeLuca

There are 1.5 billion Muslims in the world. What do Muslims believe? Who was Mohammed? What does the Qur’an say? What is the difference between Sunni and Shi’a? What is the status of women? Get an historical and religious introduction to the second most popular religion on Earth.

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