In 2008, Emily Greener and her Co-Founder launched I AM THAT GIRL, a nonprofit inspiring girls to LOVE, EXPRESS, and BE who they are. As CEO, Greener has built a meaningful brand and developed the strategy, content, programming, and support that inspires a community of over 750,000 girls daily online and 175 local chapters across the globe. Over the years, Emily has become a valuable asset to the brand partners she works with in helping to create systemic change from within corporations using her expertise in all things girls, human connection, marketing, and program development to create and execute strategies for corporate culture, cause integration, internal and external communications, and team building. Her willingness to lead with vulnerability and her genuine passion for people makes her an influence girls are inspired to follow.









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Emily Greener

Emily Greener walks you through the story of I AM THAT GIRL, from an idea between two young and ambitious girls seeking to create a safe space for girls to be seen, be heard and belong to the powerful movement it is today. Emily Takes the audience through the I AM THAT GIRL “formula” to help every girl everywhere feel empowered to create a safe space in her own community to host conversations about things that are meaningful to her and to the world.

You will hear Emily’s secrets to being a powerful leader and develop a better understanding of the universal human truths that connect us all. Do you have 60 minutes to learn how to influence your community and live a bigger life? Emily is THAT GIRL, and so are YOU!

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