Anne Gherini is a performance and brand marketing executive, writer, and public speaker with over a decade of experience leading both B2B and B2C marketing teams. Anne spent the first part of her career in the entertainment industry negotiating brand deals at Paramount Pictures and then Sony PlayStation. Anne then led the marketing at several innovative startups, including StumbleUpon, focusing on mobile, big data, and machine learning. She is also a columnist for Inc. Magazine.

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How to Use Artificial Intelligence for Business Today

Anne Gherini

One of the biggest opportunities for business is to utilize AI, yet most don’t understand the importance of a human’s role in adopting this new technology. Despite the fact that the AI field was born more than half a century ago, we’ve only recently in the last few years made monumental strides in advancing the artificial intelligence game. More specifically, we’ve started to transition from a model whereby AI assists humans to one whereby humans assist AI. While the difference sounds subtle, the shift empowers us to advance one step closer towards creating more efficient and thriving businesses.

In this session, you will learn how businesses can start streamlining their workflow with the assistance of AI. You will also see, based on current advances, what you can hand off to artificial intelligence and what still needs human assistance. This session will also go through several AI tools that can help with your business’s overall efficiency.

Key Takeaways:

– Learn how to start using AI today to streamline your business
– Dive into the tools that are available now that can give you an AI advantage
– Understand the mistakes to avoid while using AI

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