Michelle was born in San Francisco and was raised in Silicon Valley and around the globe, including Japan in the 60's and English Girls Boarding School in the 70's.  By the 80's, Silicon Valley was no longer orchards or a quiet suburbia, and so she moved to Half Moon Bay, which is literally just over-the-hill from the Valley, on the coast. She is an outdoor enthusiast who pedals and paddles and strives to be outside as much as possible. Living near the ocean, she rides on the coastal trail every day, watching the Pelicans skimming and the whales spouting. She rarely gets into a car. She holds degrees in Photo Journalism, Graphics Lithography, English Literature, Instructional Design and teaching credentials in English and Computers. She has been an assistant to speakers Dee Hock (CEO emeritus Visa), Harry Dent (economic demographer) and big wave surfer, Jeff Clark. This book was inspired initially by a drunk driver hitting her while sitting on a couch at age 19. That got her thinking about death. Then years later after the deaths of her mother and sister-in-law, the book's concept came to her, in an effort to make sense of the death process. Using her experience as an instructional designer and teacher, and the tools in this book, she hopes to help people start their family's death planning process, and find peace of mind in planning a Good Death.

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How to Talk to Your ________ about Death Planning

Michelle Dragony

Communicating with another human being about their death is a very, very personal and sensitive conversation. But we must all learn how to do it. Michelle learned how to do it early. At the age of 20 she was hit by a drunk driver while sitting on a couch in her home. She has struggled with life and death issues ever since.

After the accident Michelle asked her parents what was their death plan. That opened up a conversation that she dipped into with her parents, over the years, as a process. It came in pretty handy during her mother’s passing, as Michelle had to stand up for her mother’s death wishes against her father’s wishes to keep his wife alive.

Michelle’s greatest death planning challenge in her life was her wonderfully sweet brother. He was married to a woman with Huntington’s. They had a son. Michelle was his auntie, guardian, god-mother. Then she had a son.  Her brother had no will or trust when she had her son. Her family was in huge jeopardy.

Both women ended up having Good Deaths. How?

Michelle took leadership and was not afraid to make her family accountable through a path of compassion. As she draws from her book, Live to Die: The BirthDay-DeathDay Planning Process, you will learn how to approach, talk and encourage any family member on the sensitive issue of Death Planning, until they act. The path of compassion is the key to success.

In small groups, either with family, friends, business, church, or club, Michelle can address specific family dynamic and offer customized approaches.

Keep your family safe from Death Drama: Learn how to talk to your ________ about Death Planning!

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