Jen Lee Reeves takes years of journalism and has combined that knowledge by working at one of the country's largest non-profit as a social strategist and trainer. Reeves is passionate about social communications strategy and advocacy. She is a social media strategist for AARP after many years in journalism. Reeves speaks across the United States on the power of social media in business, non-profits, journalism and the higher education world. Reeves also founded a special needs parenting community at Born Just Right where she shares stories and lessons as a parent of a child who was born with a physical difference. She is married with two kids and a dog. Reeves is a fan of technology, running and photography.
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How To Rally Your Team to Support a Social Strategy

Jen Lee Reeves

You know your organization needs more participation in social media channels. You also realize if you up your game, you’ll need more content. If you need more content, you need more staff members contributing. If more staff contributes, you need more coordination and planning. In this session, Jen Lee Reeves will talk you through some of the ways to motivate your team to move into a more social world.

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