Corporate headshots of Keith Herman, CEO of IPA Equities. Photo by Aly Whitman Photography.

Business Growth Expert & Public Speaker

Mr. Herman is known globally as a public keynote speaker and business growth expert in the fields of technology and innovation. He speaks about Business Growth, Leadership, Innovation, Disruptive Blockchain Technologies, Cryptocurrency, Investing, Raising Capital, Private Equity, Venture Capital, and Startups.


Mr. Herman is an entrepreneur and the founder of IPA Equities. During his career he has owned and restructured more than 50 businesses in the fields of technology, finance, media and real estate. He has raised more than $500M and represented over 200 technology companies. Additionally, he architected, incubated and scaled more than 10 startups.

Business Growth Expertise

He attributes the bulk of his business growth success to strategic partnerships he built with funding sources, corporations and institutions. These partnerships elevated revenues, reputations and brands and ultimately paid off big. Notable business partnerships include Citigroup, Merrill Lynch, Chase, National Life Group, Venture Capital & Private Equity Firms, and Family Offices. To date, he and has been involved in over $2 Billion of transactions.

Mr. Herman states the balance of his business growth success is due to his understanding of what drives business in various industries as well as cultures. With that in mind, he would acquire, develop, and retain talent accordingly. And last, but not least, he found it essential to develop meaningful relationships with senior executives and clients.

Thought Leader & Public Speaker

With all of the business growth success he achieved, he is now sharing his talents with others to make a difference on a global scale. He also spends time mentoring young entrepreneurs and disadvantaged teens.

As a global thought leader he is highly sought after to serve on advisory Boards, as a business growth expert, and as a keynote public speaker. Audiences include fortune 100 & 500 companies, prominent Founders, C-level Executives, VC & PE Firms, Family Offices, and more. He also is a contributor to many publications and sits as a judge for technology startup pitch competitions alongside noteworthy VCs, PE Firms and more.

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How to Overcome the Unique Challenges for Business Growth in the Health & Wellness Industry.

Keith Herman

As an investor and operator in dozens of health and wellness opportunities, Keith shares his observations and knowledge through stories to illustrate the unique challenges facing health and wellness companies and how such companies may rocket to success.


  • Why the health and wellness industries differ from others
  • The unique challenges facing health and wellness companies
  • A step by step approach to how health and wellness companies may rocket to success

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