Tom Spitale is the co-author, along with Mary Abbazia, of The Accidental Marketer published by Wiley. He has spent the last 20 years helping b2b companies, whose product managers and marketers tend to have technical or non-marketing backgrounds ("Accidental Marketers"), quickly build the marketing plan skills that drive competitive advantage and differentiation.

As a speaker, consultant and trainer he has launched thousands of strategic initiatives and plans in the Americas, Europe and Asia for companies of all sizes. Tom creates tools and frameworks that his clients use in workshop settings, helping them uncover the keys to differentiation of their products and services in as little as 2 days.

Mary Abbazia is Managing Director of Impact Planning Group and Co-Author of The Accidental Marketer. She is known for her ability to infuse enthusiasm for the discipline of marketing.

She is a strategic marketer who helps Fortune 1000 clients (such as GE, Pfizer, UTC and Marriott) grow their business by developing marketing skills and dynamic market strategies. She also teaches marketing to executives at Columbia University and at California Institute of Technology.

Over the past 25 years, her vision to galvanize professionals has resulted in successful marketing strategies across a variety of sectors and markets. Her practical approach and proven frameworks enable clients to transform their business challenges into innovative marketing strategies.

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How to Know What Customers Want — Even If They Don’t (For 5-8 Participants)

Dr Mary Abbazia & Tom Spitale

Based on a 30-year study of the business world’s greatest successes, Tom and Mary have created simple-yet-powerful tools and frameworks that can be applied immediately by business people — even if they have no previous strategy and marketing experience.

The most successful businesses have a deeper understanding of customer needs than their competitors. This is a necessary step towards building unique products, services and marketing that are valued by customers.

This session will enable participants to build approaches that uncover customer’s most important needs — even if they are unable or unwilling to articulate them to you! Learn techniques and approaches used successfully by other companies to uncover industry-changing insights. The session also includes a simple-yet-powerful technique for segmenting your market in way that leads to significant competitive advantages. All tools will be applied to participant’s real-life business challenges. Participants will get real work done while they learn.

Appropriate size audience for this program:
5-8 Participants, each with responsibility for one of the 2 products or services that the session focuses on.

What else is included:

Pre-recorded Session Preparation Video

Pre-session Assignment (to enable a fast start to the session)

Presentation Documents (for post-session reference)

Customized Guidance Throughout the Session

Post-Session Review of Strategies

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