Jacob Shrier is the director of content at Officevibe, the number one tool to create greater workplaces. He's on a mission to make everyone happier, healthier, and more productive at work, and spreads knowledge through blogs, eBooks, guides, and other helpful resources.He's been featured on the radio, and has done over 50 video interviews with leaders from companies like Netflix, Zappos, Rackspace, and Wix about how they build incredible company culture.

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How To Create A Company Culture That Employees Love

Jacob Shriar

Did you know that only about 13% of employees are engaged worldwide?

This is a huge opportunity wasted for millions of people in thousands of companies.

When employees are happy, they provide better service to customers, who in turn end up being more loyal. This is known as the service-profit chain, and is the biggest reason why you should be focusing on employee engagement.

Creating a great company culture is actually pretty easy, but many companies make a few crucial mistakes.

Jacob will discuss those mistakes and explain what you can do to avoid them.

Then, he will take you through the exact steps you can take to build a company that employees love, using research and science to make his points clear.

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