From the steps of South Philadelphia to the TEDx stage, Cheryl Pullins has never let adversity stop her from pursuing the life she wants. Other than being fancy and sassy with a penchant for travel and a lover of food, music, and fashion, Cheryl is known as the "secret weapon" behind many of the nation's emerging businesses.

With an unassuming, yet imposing presence and a fun presenting style, Cheryl has been hailed as "The Icon of Branding." She has guided hundreds of leaders around the globe to use what's in their head, heart, and hands to build brands that captivate, resonate, and become "unforgetaboutable."

Cheryl has an intervention worthy obsession for movies, a passion for reading and she is so crazy about travel that she did a one-year stint as a flight attendant. But it's her deep love for seeing people succeed in business and life that both motivates and drives her every day.

Not only is Cheryl an awarding winning speaker and entrepreneur. She is a Certified Professional Coach, Creator of BrandFluent™ and a coaching certification program. She is the author of "What Every Diva Must Know About Starting Her Own Business. She has published two book compilations and is a published poet with work listed in the Library of Congress. Cheryl frequently trains individuals on how to use solid branding strategies to grow their business, build their brand, and boost their bottom line.

Cheryl has shared her expertise with highly visible organizations throughout the U. S.

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How to Build Lasting Relationships In The 21st Century

Cheryl Pullins

At an accelerated pace, there are new social websites launching. Innovative ways for individuals to connect. Hyper-connected living has become the new normal. However, just because we’re more connected, are we really building relationships?

The 21st Century ushered in a new way to build relationships, but somewhere along the path things have gotten lost in translation. Maybe more like, lost in transition. The shift in how we communicate has impacted the way we build relationships. With stealth like maneuvers, this new social landscape has subtly sabotaged how we engage and communicate with those in our sphere of influence. When it comes to family, friends and raving fans, we must admit, we must admit, we’re not in Kansas anymore.

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